Friday, May 18, 2012

Integer encoding for Hadoop

In short, integer encoding is mechanism to compact multiple integer values into single byte array. It is well described in literature [1] and in this post we will review exemplary implementation.

Unless one wants to re-implement encoding algorithms, we will reuse Varint class from mahout-core [2].
Simplest use-case for 2 integers looks like:

Here, we declared structure of 2 integers - Tuple2I, and followed it by Encoder example that encodes and decodes integers to and from byte array.

For real-world usages of the Integer encoder, refer to Surus [3]. By wide adoption of integer encoding on 3 and 4 integer tuples, I was able to reduce Mapper output by 20-30%, and saved about 30 minutes of computation time.

[1] Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce

[2] Typical Maven repository

[3] Surus

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rpyaset said...

I would move stream init code in Encoder down to constructor