Saturday, October 06, 2012

Surus ORM - One Year Later

It has been a little more than a year since Surus - HBase ORM [1] became available via Github. For its birthday party, Surus got:
  • Support of multi-component rowKeys
    This feature is implemented in HPrimaryKey class and @HFieldComponent annotation
  • Support of List<T> properties, which is implemented as @HListProperty annotation
  • Integration with HBase Explorer [2] 
  • Code clean-up. Now, Surus ORM fits in less than 20 java files
    As a result, all non-related code was moved to synergy-framework project [3]
For the first time, Surus ORM has also a road-map. Currently it contains support of multi-component properties.
Looking back onto the past year, I see it as an interesting endeavour. Surus ORM is still Free Open Source, and you are welcome to fork/use/contribute to it!


[1] Surus ORM

[2] HBase Explorer + Surus ORM integration

[3] Synergy-framework repository

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